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7 Interior Design Rules to Break

Learn the rules, so you can break them!

Carpet Can Help You Breathe Easier

Living with asthma or allergies? Carpet can help you breathe easier!

Us Vs Box Stores

What we offer ... that big-box discount stores probably don’t!


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2021 Lookbook

Find renewed inspiration with our new spring style themes. A fresh perspective for all of your favorite spaces.


We are a family business and we manage all our installations. I would say our installations go very well. The real test of any flooring contractor is not how they act when things go as expected, by how they react when the project goes awry. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers whether things go according to plan or not. Installation time can vary depending on the specific project and materials installed.


Shop At Home

Customers can shop flooring from the convenience of their own home. We have a very large senior customer base. It is often difficult for some to get to our showroom. If the customer is particularly close by, we can bring multiple samples at first, and then bring over more once we know more about the customers specific wants. 

In-Home Measurements

We offer free estimates. A free estimate allows a customer to feel free to get a quote even if it is exploratory for a purchase sometime in the future. We can have your space measured in about 30 minutes. We take measurements as well as notes about the project.